Potential Room Mate……….A Short Story

A friend was over the other night, let’s call him Hector the Drug Dealer, you know, the guy with the shiny gold teeth and several tattoo “tears” dripping down the skin right underneath the outside corner of his “Left” eye.

Not to say that I particularly am hip to all the gang bullshit, but I was told once, that it might be true, that for every time a Aryan Brotherhood dude fucked you in the ass, you had to have a tear tattooed underneath the outside corner of your left eye. No? Yes, I’ m joking pandahoe. (an insignificant, but extremely annoying, person you can’t get rid of….like a pesky little pubic hair that gets stuck in your mouth).

For those of you that seriously don’t know, that “Gang” related symbol used by various gangs. The “teardrop” (generally tattooed in prison ink black), is supposed to represent a person YOU personally killed in some gruesome way.

One tear equals one poor slob that probably never saw it coming, you know, chainsaw disembowelment while hanging in the shower, sixteen stab wounds to the head, face, neck, chest and stomach……..and then to cap it off, the gang banger slices your fuckin’ dick off and shoves it in your mouth.

His real name is Raoul, along with his buddy, Jay, the two of them, moving down here from Colorado rented a room from me back in January. Nice kid, going to college, starting a career, Raoul is just a nice person. So, tonight, Raoul, NOT a gang banger, delivered some excellent California bud to my house. $40 worth.

My license has expired and I just haven’t gone down to renew. Plus, I still had a few buds left from late February. So, anyway, just a little bit stoned, I started telling my friend Raoul about the nice young woman who came over earlier that afternoon to see the room that I’m trying to rent out. “Ya, she was about five feet tall, blonde, 44, and a tiny bit on the chubby side, but cute, for sure”.

She was patiently trying to show interest, took her time looking in the huge walk-in closet, all the while, me trying my very best salesman’s pitch, “My kids didn’t realize just how big, and nice, these double-wide mobile homes really are”. She says, “Gee, the closet even has a light in it”. I thought to myself, “WHERE THE FUCK DID SHE GROW UP?………(closet has a light in it?)”.

Walking at a pace that might be suggesting to me, “I’m outta here, you know?” I asked her if she wanted to see the pool and such. She graciously said, “Sure”. When we got to the community center, which is really only a block away.

I showed her the Community Laundry Room, and we walked sorta towards the pool, but never getting close enough to accidentally get pushed in.

She commented in stride, “I’m not much of a swimmer, really”, and I thought to myself, “Ever hear of lounge chairs? Sun Tanning?” “Looks like you have a nice Jacuzzi”. I thought to myself, “forget showing her the really nice gym”.

We walked back to my house, said our pleasantries in the driveway, “I’ll think about it and call you”, she said. We waved goodbye, and as I walked into the house, I thought, “She certainly was charming, and polite. But she was no more interested in living in this old fuckin’ doublewide mobilehome, than riding my beard for an hour or so”.

Then, to top it off for me tonight, I just now remember that her email inquiry mentioned a little about her having some sort of injury to her knee or leg. Had I had my head on straight, of course I would have suggested that she drive us to the community center, pool and laundry instead of walk (even though it was only a block).

I wasn’t being unkind, I just forgot that she just might be having difficulties walking right now, probably, with her knee/leg injury. She seemed nice. My heart had all the compassion in the world for her suffering from some traumatic injury, it just did not bubble up while she was here.

Funny how the brain works sometimes…..Yes, it could possibly be the three strokes I’ve had, that has put some wrinkles in my thought processes.

Tonight, while watching a movie, I sent her a text message of apology. Some would say I didn’t have to do that, but I felt good about telling her, a complete stranger……..and I still believe the absolute “Normal” for me would have been suggesting we drive to the clubhouse area.

My guess is that she really didn’t mind walking, and really could give a rat’s ass if I was feeling compassion or not. I think that’s an interesting observation on my part,  and part of my inspiration to write this short little story, Thanks for the inspiration Raoul, and Janice.

I have to explain myself here so you understand why I write. For those of you that are new to my blog, my primary purpose for me to write is that it helps me with a few diagnosed mental issues that I have to deal with.

Prior to Raoul’s visit tonight, for the past two weeks or so, I had been in pretty severe depression (stroke related) and Bipolar Disorder. Along with a slight case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

When I partake of a small amount of Cannabis, like tonight, it relieves me of any mental anguish brought on by my depression. I feel better, always. And I get inspired to write 99% of the time.

There are thousands of people out there like myself, who have found that this incredible plant really does have a positive medicinal value, and had similar or other positive results.

This is for that lady that’s reading this kind of information for the first time, in your late 50’s, doesn’t really matter how old you are. You were raised to believe that the evil weed was a ticket on the hell train.

So you try it, with a few of your friends while playing bridge. You no longer feel as depressed, do you. For me, I feel no guilt about feeling love for the world. Feeling compassion, and tonight, a little high.


What if you could incapacitate a violent person, or criminal without using a Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, or heaven forbid, your Glock 27 Gen4. For a police officer, or other law enforcement personnel, the ability to stop a person or persons without doing permanent physical harm to them with the least amount of risk is a major breakthrough in policing and law enforcement practices. Of course, the military could save lives as well.

If this can be accomplished without deadly consequences, it may be the answer to all these deadly shootings of innocent, and not so innocent people by the police. If I was running out of a 7-11 armed with a Hostess Twinkee, I would rather be captured in a non-violent manner, as opposed to being murdered by police. Imagine, being “stoned” into submission…….Any comments?

Charles Ankner, cannabist, founder, and senior steward at SAINT Brand Cannabis wrote, “We are safely and effectively putting patent pending experimental cannabinoid sedation agents – both synthetic and organic – in, on, and “all over” targets and consenting adults. Yes, they remain alive and well throughout and afterward”.

SAINT BRAND CANNABIS – United States Patent Number 20170112801 A1


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The city famous for providing the nation with protests since the 1960s is the proud producer of the world’s first marijuana pepper spray, the “One Hitter.”


Incredibly unique multi-purpose bowl. I’ve had this piece of driftwood for 20 years, now my favorite bowl. Hard as a rock, almost petrified, will not break like the glass bowls do. Overall length is 8″. Condom not included

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