The Cubs win the 2016 World Series!!

And you thought this was about baseball?


Our species has reached an inglorious stage in our evolution. Mankind has always warred with each other over one thing and another, mostly religion. Worldwide, mankind has managed to reach a point of spending Trillions and Trillions of dollars every year on the infrastructure of war, what we call the “War Machine”. Think about it. The HUGE amount of worldwide spending on weapons, and use of those weapons, to kill others of our own species.

Less than 1% of those Trillions are spent on humanitarian causes, or any other causes for that matter. Do the math. What does that say to us as a species? We are our own worst enemy. Other animal, plant and ocean species are being killed off by our selfishness, and we are doing a fairly good job at killing off each other.

Think about what our world would be like if we spent those Trillions of dollars on humanitarian causes, like feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, giving shelter to those less fortunate, curing diseases, building and rebuilding infrastructure. Peace? Anyway, I hope you get the point. I believe we CAN overcome ourselves, in spite of ourselves. We have to start somewhere. Where do we start? Knowledge. Spread the Good Karma. Love one another.

I am an optimist. I believe that as a species, we are about to face a fork in the road of our evolution. I believe that we will take the right path that leads us to a better world, with no war machines, with no more wars, a better life for all.

What is our society coming to that we have a person like Trump as the official Republican nominee for POTUS? And, the polls are so close, it’s crazy. It’s as crazy as me thinking that people are going to “write” my name in on voting day. I can understand why Hillary is running. She’s been a politician most of her life.

The day she left the White House with Bill way back on January 20th, 2001, she said, “One day, someday, this will be my office, and I’ll have my own little Intern under the desk, hahahaha!”…..On the other hand, Trump has been and probably still is, a huge asshole.

You don’t have to be a career politician to run this country! You don’t have to be a television star/businessman to run this country either!

You do have to have “Good” Karma and common sense. ANYONE, I repeat ANYONE, with Good Karma and common sense can gather together a team of like (good karma) people with the right skills to not only run this country, but to also insure that we can, as a species, help the rest of the world strive for peace for all of mankind. Think about it.

We all know what “Branding” is. Coca-Cola, Wheaties, Trump. The use of the name “Kleenex”. Think about politics described as an aircraft, it’s “Left Wing”, “Right Wing”, and both wings are full of gas (shit). I suppose the “Libertarians” are another part of the plane, like the tail-end, the “Green” candidates are like the brakes or whatever. “Redneck Racist Bigots” (and KKK), are another part of the plane, like the toilets (filled with shit). “Black Lives Matter” and ALL groups opposing racial injustice is another section of the plane, like the lighted aisle-ways and overhead storage bins. The average non-prejudiced dudes like myself, we might be the “Fasten Your Seat-belt Signs”…………..

AND for the last eight years, a black dude (Obama) was the first African-American to pilot our plane we call the USA. Obama did a good job piloting our “plane” for the past eight years, in spite of the fact that this plane needed some work done to it to keep it flying. In fact, the last pilot, Bush, left this plane in pretty bad shape.

Folks, more work needs to be done to keep this plane from crashing into the side of some mountain. As a dude who is interested, and concerned about our planet Earth, and the evolution of our species, I hereby ask for your write-in vote on election day. I am confident that I can pilot the USA on to a brighter future for us and future generations.

SOVOTE FOR DR.THOMAS CHARLES SAXE for President of the United States of America on Election Day November 8th, 2016.

I guess it’s a little late to donate to Tom’s Presidential Campaign, so please feel free to donate $5 or $10, $50 or more to Tom’s new teeth,  50% of every dollar donated will go to CASS (Central Arizona Shelter Services), and 50% will be donated to the CASS Dental Clinic for the homeless founded by Dr. Kris Volcheck, checks can be mailed to: Tom Saxe, 11411 North 91st Avenue, Lot 180, Peoria, Arizona 85345

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