The Bill Mahr Interview of President Obama that the Rednecks “ain’t goin’ ta likk”

First of all, I am a HUGE fan of Bill Mahr and his show, REAL TIME, on HBO Friday nights. I sometimes wonder if he has a team of writers, or he writes his own schtick. Either way, I think a lot of it is straight from Bill, because he really is a clever, witty dude. Cleverness and wittiness come out of having a lot of “Common Sense”, if you ask me. Seriously folks, if you don’t get HBO, watch the show on YouTube, because last night’s show, Friday November 4th, 2016 was his best.

In the beginning of the show, they played a clip that they had recorded a few days earlier, of his interview with President Obama at the White House. This interview happen to stir up the creative juices in me, (along with several bong hits). So I not only wrote about the Cannabis question that WASN’T asked, I created a new Facebook page in order to petition President Obama to sign an Executive Order, taking Cannabis off the endangered species  schedule I drug list.

During this interview, Bill asked about Cannabis. By the way, this was my all-time favorite REAL TIME with Bill Maher Show. Martin Short was great, but he should have interrupted the Republican dude more often. That Democratic lady was cute. When the question came up about grass, I would have been blunt and much more to the point. My question would have been, ” Can you PLEASE, remove Cannabis from the schedule?”

Anyway, I felt this post deserved a second chance on Facebook. I was inspired. I wrote about more than just weed. Which then caused me to want to start a petition on Facebook, and inspired me enough to write some additional thoughts. Which I am doing now, five hours after the first post. So, forgive me folks, for repeating myself. I just think this Cannabis issue is too important.


It’s not Obama’s fault. Look around you. Think about it. It’s an obvious indication of just how vile racism and bigotry still is in this country. Eight years of the growing hatred of Obama and blacks in general, has produced the political environment we are in today.

If you were just the average, red-necked racist eight years ago, the day Obama started running for POTUS, was the day your vile, bigoted hatred began to grow. You couldn’t really tell if there were any changes to your psyche on a daily basis, but I can guarantee you, over time (8 years), you changed from being an ordinary, run-of-the-mill fucking Redneck, to a fucking lunatic!

Ask any real “Lunatic Redneck” what they think of Obama today versus eight years ago, and also ask them if they like people of color any more, or less, than eight years ago, (and ask them if they like Sushi).

The obvious thing that has happened over the last eight years is that the bad apples that started to spoil on the ground eight years ago (really a few hundred years ago), we’re already rotten, they just continue to rot, they can’t help it.

The really bad apples, you know, the type that likes to firebomb churches, should be encouraged to waive their rights to not having a Lobotomy. Of course it’s not like they still can’t love all people, regardless of skin color, faith, or how big your penis is, but guess what? Now THEY DO, love, not hate!

What a fucking miracle for God’s sake (if he’s watching me right now). So don’t feel bad when you finally are able to convince your brother ol’ Billy Bob to sign the paper, and we promise you, he won’t feel a thing. Like I said, it’s not Obama’s fault. We just couldn’t control the steady growth in the horribly vile racism, bigotry, hatred, that divide us and our society today.

So now that I hopefully have your attention, here is something that our POTUS needs to do before he leaves office.

Dear Mr. President Obama,

Before you go, and we thank you for your service to this great nation of ours, before you leave office, please sign an Executive order removing Cannabis from the Schedule I list of drugs. It’s not a drug, it’s a……..Wait for it…….PLANT. Thanks a lot dude, we all wish you the best in retirement!

Tom Saxe

By passing this page along, with the link to my FB page Yet to be created that I have created, I agree with Dr. Saxe and herewith ask President Barack Obama to simply do it. We will copy as many politicians, including the Prez on that FB page once it’s that Tom has created

There is another answer folks, on election day, write me in as your choice for President of the United States of America.

When I get elected, I’m switching out Air Force One. I’m opting for a Stealth Fighter. I don’t need to carry around a bunch of staff and press people. They can still take the old plane. Give me the best TOP GUN pilot there is. We will get to our destination every time, safely, and very quickly. Just give me a box of “Sushi to go”, I’ll be happy. Hahahaha! Oh, and yes, as you can see, I already have my own “Presidential” coffee mug, got it from my buddy Obama the last time I flew with him on Air Force One.

VOTE FOR DR.THOMAS CHARLES SAXE for President of the United States of America on Election Day November 8th, 2016.

I guess it’s a little late to donate to Tom’s Presidential Campaign, so please feel free to donate $5 or $10, $50 or more to Tom’s new teeth,  50% of every dollar donated will go to CASS (Central Arizona Shelter Services), and 50% will be donated to the CASS Dental Clinic for the homeless founded by Dr. Kris Volcheck, checks can be mailed to: Tom Saxe, 11411 North 91st Avenue, Lot 180, Peoria, Arizona 85345

You can also donate and get a free T-Shirt (minimum donation $75) at my Facebook page

You may also donate via PayPal, to Paypal account:

LINK TO Facebook “Petition President Obama page:

And now, for some comic relief. The medicinal Cannabis was good to me last night. After getting up to write more, and coming back to bed two times, the third time, I just had to write this down, so I grabbed my tablet.

As I laid down that second time, I had a momentary smile on my face as I thought of an imaginary conversation with an imaginary “Most beautiful woman in my life” scenario, ” Hi there, beautiful, I hope I didn’t wake you”, and her smiling response, “No, I woke up on my own wondering if you would fuck me  make love to me again”, “Right now?” I quietly ask, “Yes my love”, as she maneuvers on top of me. It’s fun to write stuff. And yes folks, at 68 I’m still able to get a………..wait for it………BONER even if it was just in that lovely daydream, Hahahahaha!


I know this one, based on experience:
“Do not, I repeat DO NOT, put sheepskin seat covers in your automobile, if your body tends to produce a lot of gas” – TCSAXE

Reason being that one time when my daughter was younger, I happened to let out a good one (really stunk), just as we were pulling up to a Sushi place for lunch. An hour and a half later, when we got back in my car, my daughter says, ” Geeez Dad, it STILL stinks in here”. Guess what folks, it really did stick to the sheepskins. We had a good laugh.


Good Night my friends