You can grieve for someone, just don’t take on guilt, THAT belongs to the politicians

If we truly love, we can grieve without guilt. Don’t ask yourself, is there something you could have done or said to prevent those people in Orlando from getting killed?  How about the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, or any other killings, mass or not? We can tell ourselves, as the tears well up in our eyes, it’s not our fault, we didn’t pull the trigger.hr_the_walking_dead-450x242

Except if you’re a lawmaker. Look in the mirror. Some of you assholes don’t have the capacity to cry, the unfeeling pricks you are, but you CAN pass appropriate gun legislation. You have the opportunity to prevent future grief, even if you don’t cry with us or feel our pain.

WheresMyAR15You can’t legislate common sense, but you can, as an example, create and pass laws that help to prevent the mentally deficient and criminals from legally purchasing weapons.

Start with requiring Psychiatric Evaluations, administered by professionals. Not only for gun ownership, but also prior to military service and law enforcement positions. Strengthen the laws regarding background checks.

You can legislate multi-round clips out of existence, unless you are sitting in a foxhole in some war. You can make that AR-15 look like a Bunny Rabbit, Broomstick-15, or a Cat. I could care less what it looks like. Pass laws which limit the capacity of the clips feeding that weapon.

My vote is for a limit of six rounds per clip for civilian ownership of ANY firearm, including semi-automatic pistols. I also think in order to get your NRA membership, you should be required to spend a day in a morgue, looking at dead bodies, like in Chicago.

The reality of seeing corpses of men, women and children with 9baf6e48cf4eb5b43ba9340bc50701aabloody bullet holes should not only be a NRA membership requirement, it also should be of part of the requirements for gun ownership in general.

Turn your grief into action. Start petitions, get people to sign for wanting the laws strengthened, changed, or added. Send the signed petitions to your political representatives both at the state level and federal level.

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