Urinal versus Toilet, “Lets go back to the Rice Paddies”, and walking behind the elephants in my Brooks Brothers suit

What do you get when you cross a floor-mount “Urinal”, a tall, porcelain thing where men stand and urinate, (notice that it is tall enough, for a man eight feet tall to pee without crouching). Compare that with a “Toilet” a short squatting porcelain thing that both men and women sit on for crapping, and men also get to stand up in front of, to pee, and hopefully lift the seat before, and lower back down after use. It must have been a man who invented the toilet because the lid and the seat are hinged to swivel up and down. If a woman had invented the “toilet” the seat would be in a fixed position, down. And wives/mothers would be constantly harassing the boys for peeing on the seat. Now, if you happened to grow up in a house full of girls, and you were my second cousin named Henry, on my mother’s side, your mother raised you from day one of potty training to “Sit” when you crap, and also to sit when you pee. You will naturally leave the seat down at all times. Right?

So anyway, What do you get when you cross a urinal with a toilet? A “Yoy-Let” ? What would a yoylet look like anyway? Why doesn’t the word, “urinal” start with a “Y”.  Would it solve the fight going on right now over trans-gender ”Freedom Of Bathroom Use?” So, men who dress like a woman, can use the women’s bathroom as long as they squat. If that person pees standing up and doesn’t put the seat back down, then you shoot him because he really is some pervert after your daughter.

Now the other side of the coin. This dude happens to walk into a MENS Room that doesn’t have any toilets available. No, they are not occupied. one has a hand-written note that says,” out of order”, one has no door and a hole in the floor where the toilet should be, and you open the door of the third toilet and it also is apparently out of order because it is so full of paper, and shit, and multiple, unsuccessful attempts at flushing.

Biker Dudes

So, the “Dude” has to stand in front of a urinal? The place is empty at the time, so you’re thinking to yourself, as opposed to saying it out loud so everyone can hear, “I’ll just back up to the urinal, with my pants down, and squat to pee”,  “just like I do in the woods when I’m camping”. At the tail-end of this split-second idea, you hear footsteps as a “Real Dude” walks in. Since you are squatting, with your ass facing the urinal, you pretend that you are crouching to pick something up. “Dropped a contact”,  as you stand up and faced the urinal. The real dude happens to be a six foot three, three hundred pound biker.

Imagine this John “Lucy” Wayne. You are standing next to a real big biker dude that has just whipped out his ten inch Cock like it was a fire hose, and you are slowly unzipping your Levis, praying that the MAN next to you will finish quickly and walk away. Just as hook & ladder #10 walks away, another man steps up next  to you and you pretend that you are just finishing up, as you zip up vigorously and exclaim in a manly voice, “That felt good”. You walk out of there with a still-full bladder, and remember that you are not at the mall where you can just go and look for another MENS room. You are at some rest stop along with several truckers and about thirty bikers and biker babes.

No, you’re not a Transgender Biker, you just happen to stop there on your way to Phoenix. You are a woman who happens to associate her existence with the other gender. You act like a man, dress like a man, and wish you had more money to spend on your girlfriend or wife, not a surgical  transformation. You are not a Transsexual, saving her money for a penis. I really think that would be different from the lesbian that takes the character and role of the MAN. She really isn’t that bothered having to use the girl’s room, and she could care less what the straight women are thinking about her. In most cases she really does look like a woman in drag, and she is not trying to attract men. The ones that want their breasts removed, grow a beard and get a penis surgically created, pretty much are what we call trans-sexual, not  trans-gender. But even with their new penis, they are going to stick with the cute little blond that she came in with, i.e., their significant other will still be a woman.  I don’t think a woman would go through the process and have a penis created in order to fuck a guy. Back in the early 1970’s I knew a dude that dressed like a woman all the time.  For work. Out with friends, or at home with his family. He loved his wife and two kids, and liked wearing women’s clothes. He was OK with having a penis, and was a good friend. He was trans-gender. I sometimes went to his house to watch football.

So, there you are, sitting in your car, waiting for people to leave, and you can’t just walk into the WOMEN restroom with women using it cause you’re dressed like a man! Finally, at eight pm, you’re able to use the WOMAN restroom, because even though you are dressed and look like a man, you still have to sit down to pee! Think about it! I really don’t think that there are trans-gender women.  They are women who love someone of the same sex. Who dress and act like a man (butch) and have no qualms about using the “Ladies” bathroom. They could care less what anyone thinks of their looks.  They are not trying to look like a man to attract a man or prey on little boys. Shoot, we really don’t need MENS and WOMEN signs anymore. Just a single sign with a stick figure taking a pee, facing a stick figure taking a crap, (or a stick figure taking a pee if your name was Henry).  Except two guys facing each other taking a pee standing up looks a little campy.

Rice Paddies

I also think that some pedophiles MAY cross-dress to go into a WOMAN restroom, only if the pedophile is a man, and he happens to like little girls, instead of little boys. If the pedophile is only interested in little boys, no problem transgender people, he’ll use the MENS room. Maybe the answer is to offer a ”Third” choice for a bathroom. One that ANYBODY could use, called a YOYLET. Or, how about we get rid of bathrooms altogether? No matter where you are, in the woods or at the mall, when you get the urge or feel the need, you just go. Think of all the jobs that would be created, especially in the malls, sweeping and mopping up after everyone pissing and crapping. Fifty years ago in South Vietnam, if you were working in the rice paddies and had to go, you did.  You lifted up your skirt, or pulled down your pants and shit. You didn’t go looking for the nearest porta-potty.  Women dropped their babies in the rice paddies.

Sweeping up the Elephant shit

Reminds me. Long Beach Auditorium, 1966, Barnum and Baileys Circus. There I was, walking after the elephants, with a big push broom, sweeping up the shit. The audience pointing and laughing thinking I was just another clown. Maybe I should have worn something else? I wasn’t wearing my navy whites, I was wearing an old dark blue with red pin-striped Brooks Brother’s suit that I bought from the thrift store for fifteen dollars the day before. I diligently swept that elephant shit into piles while another guy scooped it up with a shovel. I really thought that the audience was laughing at the real clowns.

(Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

The bathroom issue is complicated. Although I don’t totally agree with the lifestyle and belief systems of trans-gender people, I believe that they should have the right to be who they want to be, or “Be everything you can be”, in the ARMY. Hmmmm, does the Army want the male soldiers to wear dresses? Everyone should have the same rights. I don’t think it should be an issue, except for catching the Perverts. That will be harder to do. I just think representatives from all sides should sit down and negotiate an agreeable resolution to the problem. Excluding pedophiles or other deviants.

Taking a dump on your neighbors lawn. Shouldn’t that be a right? One big Co-Ed high school locker room and showers? Wouldn’t that be exciting. You could save energy by showering with your friend, “Hey, soap me down Susie”.

STRAIN: Rumple Steelskin, harvested February 9, 2016

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