Of all the religions, it appears that Christianity is the most outspoken and quantitative “In your Face” religion of them all as it appears on social media sites like farcecrap. It’s okay though, they believe what they believe and insist on sharing what they call the “Good News” whenever and however they can, posting what they believe is their answer to all of mankind’s woes.

They are not very good students of history however. They don’t have to go down any Rabbit Hole to discover and understand that “Religion” has had an influence, along with ethnic, social, political, and economic issues, and have been at the root of most wars, misery and death for thousands of years.

They (the Christians) also think that “Free Speech” is only applicable to them because as soon as a person of another religious belief or a non-believer speaks up, they immediately pounce on, and rebuke that alternative belief.

An example would be, sharing a post that contains information that scientifically proves as an example, that our world is billions of years old instead of only 4,000 years old as most Christians believe. Sarcastically and/or scientifically proving that belief is ridiculous? Don’t confuse ordinary sarcasm with intellectual sarcasm with added scientific proof that fairytales are, just fairytales.

I have always believed that everyone has the right to express their religiosity in whatever manner they choose, but, and it’s a BIG BUT, at the same time they are ranting/raving/preaching on behalf of THEIR “Savior” who they think is the ONLY path to “Heaven” (which in my opinion is part of their Fairytale), they need to allow someone who doesn’t believe the way they profess to believe, that same “Right” of freedom of speech to respond back, especially on social media platforms which seems to gather all types of people and beliefs together.

If a Christian is offended by another friend’s sarcastic comments like, “Hail Satan”, or the “Image/Appearance” of Jesus on a dog’s butt…..offended to the point of ending their friendship, then sadly, perhaps that Christian was not that much of a friend to begin with, or he just has no tolerance for sarcasm. Maybe that religious person was ego-driven or bound by their religious indoctrination to try to save that other person’s “Soul”?

If a person is going to constantly post their “In Your Face” religious posts, which they have every right to do, they should also be willing to accept and expect some sarcastic comments along with their “Hallelujah, Amen and God Bless You” comments from their like-minded Christian friends and family.

Sure, the sarcasm runs deep sometimes, like the image of Jesus bungee-jumping off the cross, which I think is really ridiculously, sarcastically funny. But so is that religious person’s entire “Religion”, so get over it.

I’ve never really had someone whom I considered to be a close friend, tell me that we could no longer be friends because I’m an atheist. If they did, I would simply say, “I DON’T CARE”, and continue on with my life without their friendship. I can accept that we were “Unequally Yoked” in the first place in spite of the fact that I loved them and cared for them as a real friend. Their loss, not mine in other words.

A close friend of mine likes to comment on another friend’s religious constant posts with the words, “Hail Satan” as purely sarcasm. He doesn’t believe in Satan and he doesn’t believe in the other friend’s God/Jesus/Heaven/Hell dogma/religion either. His “Hail Satan” comments are satirical in nature because he believes as I do, that ALL “Man-Made Religions” are and have been, like a Fairytale for thousands of years.

People do NOT have to believe in the same “Religion” to be REAL friends. Throughout history, individuals with differing religious beliefs HAVE been real friends. In the Middle East for an example, Muslims have had Jewish friends and continue to do so, Jewish people have had Muslim friends and continue to do so, and they both have had Christian friends, and friends of other faiths as well, and continue to do so.

In Western cultures, it has been the Christians who have had more difficulty in having real friendships with people of a different faith, although you occasionally do see it.

The bottom line for me really is the simple truth found in the “Golden Rule”. When people of different religions and folks like me that don’t believe in anything at all can follow that simple truth, we can realize a higher level of awareness of who we are as a species, showing real compassion, love for ALL of mankind, and finally change our world for the better.

Last thing. I’m not into Astrology at all, but I want the readers of this post to Google two things and what they are defined as, the “Age of Pisces” and the “Age of Aquarius”, as the two definitions will give you a little more insight if you have and Common Sense at all.

There is a song that pretty much wraps up this essay, and it’s absolutely the best rendition of it that I have ever heard (besides Lennon’s original recording):

Imagine by John Lennon

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us, only sky
Imagine all the people
Livin’ for today
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Livin’ life in peace
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one


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Peace & Abide, La paz y la morada, السلام والالتزام , שלום ושמירה, Paix et Demeure, Խաղաղությունը եւ մնալը, Мир и пребывание,, 平和と遵守, 和平與恪守, Aştî û Abad, صلح و عبید, Fred och Abide, Kapayapaan at Patuloy, Frieden und Bleiben, Mir i Ostanite, शांति और निवास, Hòa bình và ở lại, Мир и Абиде, שלום און בלייַבן, สันติภาพและการปฏิบัติ, Mir in bivanje,

Yadhum oore yaavarum kelir, “The World Is One Family”

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE

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