SICARIO is a Mexican term for hit-man, deriving from the Hebrew word “Siqariqim” a radical splinter group of Jewish Zealots, who operated during the time of Jesus and after to expel Roman rule from the province of Judea (knives/daggers their main weapon by the way). How about we train all the “Gun-Loving” White Supremacists to train capable, volunteer, Palestinians (and others) to professionally handle SNIPER RIFLES.
Train five thousand teams of snipers plus their spotters (10,000 experts) and send them back to Gaza and anywhere else in the world where they are needed. For Palestine you could mix the teams up all along the Gaza border, have them “Shoot & Disappear” countless times, never staying in one place, until the world recognizes that the Zionists need to be scattered to the wind, perhaps bringing real peace and an end to Zionism.
I suppose you could call it a “Revolution” or “Anarchy” if you want to, but it may very well be the catalyst that defeats the NWO, transforming the world into the NEW AGE ORDER.
Just a thought. We could call them the UNITED SICARIO FRONT (USF) as part of the PEACEMAKERS OF PLANET EARTH (POPE). Trained, yet peace-loving, the USF are against war, against killing innocent men women and children, and are only sent out against the war-mongering.
Peace & abide,
 Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE

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