“397,623 years it took from seeding to final results on this one, not bad, it was a couple of thousand years quicker than the last one”

As we sing Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, with our fellow Christian Soldiers, guns raised high, as we prepare ourselves for battle, did anyone stop, and ask the question….why?

Throughout all time, all we’ve done is kill each other for some god, you have to wonder if all this time it’s been just a joke, by the extraterrestrials who left us here, many hundreds of thousands of years ago. Wait a minute though, the ET’s allowed us to pick our own gods! How cool is that!

Archeology and known history shows our evolutionary ride started out with simple gods, like the sun, perhaps the moon, evolving to modern day religion. Here we go again, “Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war….with the Cross of Jesus, going on before”.

A little foxhole prayer doesn’t hurt, it also does no good, except maybe to calm rattled nerves until those particular soldiers survive or die. The moment a very large shell (explosive) tears you and three of your fellow soldiers apart, Jesus is not, was not, THERE!

Neither was Allah, Buddha, that famous televangelist from Houston, or the Golden Calf! Now, sit there for a moment, and dwell on this. There are only two choices or outcomes in real battle. You are either alive, survived, or you are dead.

And you are fighting for what again you say? The very worst part about it is all the innocent men, women and children, who didn’t “Sacrifice” their life like a good soldier, they were just, you know, vaporized, with nothing to bury except their thoughts, hopes, and dreams, their entire lives, their futures. Certainly, if you have any body parts, it makes it easier for people to weep and mourn for their loved ones.

I would like to believe that we, as a species, are smart enough to maybe figure this one out. Shoot, we’ve invented a lot of shit in the last 25,000 years or so.

All religions believe that theirs is the Truth, the Way, and the Life, and that THEIR religion will eventually take over the entire earth. If they are going to do that, a lot more people gonna have to die.

Think about it. Now, I’m not a Doomsday type of writer, but I truly believe humanity will recover. I say recover because billions of people still have to disappear, so to speak, either in more wars, and then a really really big war that almost ends our existence. Or, maybe a huge meteor. Either way a distinction event, natural or man-made, take your pick.

The ones who are left to repopulate our planet will have the foreknowledge, and I believe, the desire to change our ridiculously murderous and ridiculously religious ways. What’s the punchline to this you ask? The Golden Rule. That’s it, all you need. Love one another, smoke another joint, hope at least that your grandchildren survive and see the utopian world.

Maybe the ancient ones who seeded our planet with man (and woman), will return for a final accounting on our species, take a few thousand of us and go onto the next planet on their list. What’s a few hundred thousand years to an alien species that has conquered death, i.e., lives forever.

“397,623 years it took from seeding to final results on this one, not bad, it was a couple of thousand years quicker than the last time”, one alien said to the other alien.

You might be a soldier in a foxhole someday, or handing your son the mashed potatoes at dinnertime, or just standing there in the parking lot of Walmart, looking east as the sky turns into the fire of 200, 100-Megaton Thermonuclear weapons, and you think, “Holy Crap” as you vaporize in a swirl of fiery death.

You are gone, Jesus Christ didn’t fly down out of heaven and scoop you up. Nor Buddha, or Allah, or some dude selling pencils on your corner. If you are lucky, someone remembers you.

The time is a coming. Turn away from war and killing. Simple.

Last thought, September 11, 2001 was tragic, and these are my thoughts. Airplanes flying into the Twin Towers and their freefall, demolition had absolutely nothing to do with each other, but not exactly coincidence.

The dude that owned the WTC, had already had the work done maybe years before, to accomplish the demolition for the insurance money. Land has always been worth more than the structures we build. The WTC was an outdated, old set of buildings. Outdated to at least the dude that eventually owned that property, who saw the dollar signs long before the other factions planned and executed their FALSE FLAG operation.

The insiders for the False Flag event knew that Larry A. Silverstein had tons of explosives already rigged at the proper locations in the WTC buildings. All the conspirators knew that demolishing the buildings would be the icing on the cake to draw the United States into never-ending war in the middle east.

Here’s some info on the Silverstein, at


After the 1993 bombing, which failed to bring the buildings down, the insiders started thinking, for at least 6 years, that if there ever was going to be another attack, they had to have a way of bringing the WTC buildings down, someone in a meeting said, “How about explosives?”.

This evil plan was separate from the planes of September 11th, 2001. It was a “When the time comes, we are gonna push the button on that old WTC”. Who likely was involved? Think about that one yourselves.

Could the plan have been an Israeli/Saudi/U.S plan to give the U. S. Government the green light on getting involved in the Middle-East. The only surprise for the U. S. and Saudi’s was the demolition of the WTC, that was a Mossad job, “let’s make sure those fucking buildings fall”, as was overheard in a deli in Brooklyn.

All the Americans, Including President Bush could say is, “W. T. F., those two planes did that?”, “Well here, we go folks, (Military/Industrial complex), let’s go find Hussein’s WMD”.

The 1993 bombing was a lesson in disguise. Buildings did not come down. Years later, overheard by someone at a Bar Mitzvah in Long Island somewhere, “Yah, I think Silverstein has big plans for the WTC property. Much planning and years later, the conspirators (whoever they really were) finally got to push the button. Last words, CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, not really connected to the main plot, but sort of, it did its job. A shame. The dude whispering in Bush’s ear in the school room, “It’s done, but in addition, it looks like they added controlled demolitions just for effect. Onward Christian Soldiers”.

Strain: warsucksdoesntit 2, harvested yesterday

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