A little bit of Futurism mixed with a little bit of satire……Think, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in the distant future

Here’s the Futurism part. 

The year is 2145. There is peace in the world. All of the ancient religions, and beliefs, are just a minor part of some lives now, and long past history.

Although people are free to worship whatever god (s) they choose, the Golden Rule ended up being the winner after all. The world is made up of 97% atheists that follow the Golden Rule, and 3% old time religious folks.

No wars or rumor of wars. The military/industrial complex is nonexistent. There is no monetary system or banking, or investment organizations. There are no borders, and no border walls. Mankind has learned to grow food crops much more efficiently. Hunger is an unknown word.

We have manned bases on the Moon and on Mars. The power grid throughout the planet is from 100% renewable sources, like wind farms, solar farms, wave farms in the ocean. Transportation is advanced to the point that also is totally reliant upon renewable energy sources.

Humans are just beginning to benefit from the many lifetimes of health/life-sustaining medical research and invention, giving people longer life spans.

In the area that used to be called the Southwest California/Nevada/Arizona Triangle Retirement Zone, there are some who were born in the late 1940’s who are still alive and active at the age of 197, and is expected to live 200 more years? 500 more years? Forever?

Citizens contribute to society in various ways, but physical labor by humans has been totally replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. Most occupations are by choice, i.e., chosen by each individual, and learned during the education phase of their life, which begins at four years old and generally ends at 47 or even into the late fifties.

Since occupations no longer include manual labor of any kind, the word “Work” is no longer part of our vocabulary. Traditional studies still include math, arts, and history, but the primary part of the curriculum is in the computational science and technology fields.

The average of the population is Mensa measurable level, and very involved in the sciences, technologies, and arts. Crime still exists, but less than 1% of the population are actually criminals, and the types of crimes are reduced to mostly non-violent crimes with violent crimes like murder and rape being almost nonexistent.

Although mankind has been able to cure diseases like cancers, replace a heart or leg, or most of your body with cloned/grown body parts and organs, the mind still remains a real mystery, i.e., a tough nut to crack.

Great strides have been made in the discovery of treatments and surgical procedures that cure many mental illnesses. Minor afflictions such as depression and anxiety were long ago eliminated from society thanks to Cannabis related organics.

The major mental  disorders being treated include disorders such as Complete Madness Syndrome (CMS), Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) made famous by a well known President in the early part of the 21st century.

Pedophilia and Kleptomania are among the few of the disorders that were at one time considered to be criminal activities, but now considered to be, and treated as, a mental condition. It’s apparent that this handful of mental disorders are treated with Cannabis and hallucinative products, but not cured, research continues.

Although life on Earth is very close to Utopia, a very small portion of the population considered to be INSANE TREATABLE CITIZENS (ITC’s) are treated and cared for in regional mental facilities.

The percentage of the population requiring professional care for their mental conditions (and/or criminal activities) remain a very small amount. So small, that worldwide, there are only six combined mentally challenged/criminally insane treatment facilities, one on each continent.

These individuals that are considered socially incapable of living a normal life, are placed or sentenced if you will, to one of these six Continental Mental Health Facilities (CMHF), depending on what continent you lived on.  A very small portion of “patients” are those who self-admit, volunteer, to be treated in a CMHF

The average day is a utopia in itself, as seen through the eyes and everyday experiences of the general society. Most individuals go about their day somewhat stoned. So what we see can be described as behavior by most of the population, compared to behavior by the patients in one of the CMHF hospitals.  Certainly the “normal” stoned population can have situations that the audience thinks are just a little bit abnormal, or “off”.

Now there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between normal society, and the hospitalized crazies, so there has to be a way to write episodes that show the “crazies” aren’t really as crazy as we should think, and there are a few “normal” people that should be locked up.

Part Two, The SITCOM part

 Sitcom takes place around the year 2145. Obviously, Cannabis has been 100% legal for decades, both for recreational use as well as medicinal purposes, although usage for health related issues are a small percentage compared to recreational use, by this time in our evolution as a species.

In the first episode, we quickly discover that a few of the “patients” assigned to the LASWAGES CMHF, are long-time potheads of average IQ’s (not MENSA material) who have self-admitted for treatment for non-threatening, non-violent mental conditions.

Interior sets of the sitcom is a futuristic mental hospital where people with real mental issues are treated with cannabis and hullucinative drugs. A hospital where the doctors and staff are just as stoned as the patients. The difference being that the patients are somewhere between a Jackson Pollack painting and a Van Gogh, mentally.

Artificially created drugs have been replaced 100% with organically grown plants, mostly extremely mutated forms of cannabis. The story follows several characters. A couple of doctors, a few nurses, aides, and perhaps 6 other characters as “patients”.

Not quite fitting into society, (not the brainy type), three of the patients, Becky who is 150 and looks like she’s in her 30’s, Tom, who is 188 (looks 48) and Micah, who is 194, looks 50, know that the best weed is still the medicinal weed at the hospital where they are being treated.

One of the other supporting main characters/patients is 197 year old Ex-President Donald Trump, who walks around constantly medicated, dressed like a cross between a middle-eastern dictator and the mascot for Burger King.

King Donald and his little paper crown have been there since the year 2020. It took three years of his insanity before he was physically removed from the White House, and power.

Looking no more than 60 (powerful medicine), Donald is in great shape, physically. A new heart, leg, stomach, penis, both kidneys and hands, and oh yeah, almost forgot, his hair (still looks the same however). Mentally, unfortunately, he remains afflicted with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and several other debilitating phobias.

The interactions between the patients (old hippies), the staff, and Trump could be hilarious. Just the mention of what various parts of the body have been replaced could be a funny line, “Look at Susie over there, she’s gone through three sets of tits and still looks good at 177,  Happy Birthday Susie”.

Another funny moment…..Trump is walking across the rec room yelling, “See, I have HUGE hands”. Another patient, who is a flaming gay male says, “Your penis is soooooo big too, darling!”


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