Creating new Facebook (FB) groups, and, “A little bit of lipstick, and a little bit of blush”

FB groups. I decided to expand my reach and create a few FB groups.

Evolution of our Species, or “What the fuck is going on?”, a group dedicated to exposing the good shit and the bad shit that is contributing to the evolution of the human species. Like the new technology that allows a dope addict, or someone addicted to an Opioid, to get their “Fix” on a regular basis without using a needle or swallowing a pill, or sticking suppositories up your butt hole. Please visit and join if you are inclined to do so.

Second story about the hover board, versus the skateboard. At least with the skateboard, one leg got exercise.

“What the fuck did you just say?  Where’s your Moral Compass?” For people who have a terrible moral compass due to traumatic brain injury, stroke, or they’re just a real asshole. Please visit and join if you are inclined to do so.

“Is there a polite or Politically correct way to ask some dude if he’s a FAG? Fag, the word itself, is rude and disgusting at the same time. Why, you ask, do you even have to ask the dude if it’s obvious? You know without asking, don’t you?

He’s got earrings in both ears, he’s wearing a pink shirt, and you can tell that he has just a little bit of lipstick and blush on. Of course you’re not talking about THAT dude, you are referring to that Macho Looking, Six Foot Four, must be a Professional Football Player dude over there on the dance floor with another dude.

There is no polite or Politically Correct or……………….Wait for it, SAFE way to ask that “Silly” question, (as you wave your wrist in their direction). If you EVER see two dudes dancing, ANYWHERE, keep your big mouth shut! Especially if one of the dudes IS, a Macho Looking, Six Foot Four, 320 Pound, Just Looks Like He Could Be A, Football Player.  Makes a whole lot of sense to keep your fucking mouth shut.

Especially if you are straight, and you are just meeting some friends, at a Gay Bar. Certainly if you WERE, Gay, asking that question would never enter your mind, right? As for me, I’m a straight dude, have been for 68 years so far, and I cannot recall one time in my life that I was prejudiced towards any race, color creed, gender, or sexual orientation, except……..And it’s a big EXCEPT………..Pedophiles.

Sorry to a very small percentage of you out there with that affliction, I don’t like you, and if that sounds prejudiced, then so be it, because you are sick.

There are a few other things that are beyond my comprehension and mental ability to embrace. Like people that are sexually promiscuous with animals. I don’t like what THEY do, but I’m not so prejudiced that I won’t sell some dude a birthday cake for his favorite sheep, if I were a baker. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I’m not prejudiced against any culture, philosophy or religious beliefs, and I have learned to tolerate stupid people. Now try to apply that to differences in skin color. There should be no conscious thought even entering your mind. Who cares what color my skin is?

Obviously, there are a whole lot of people out there, millions and millions, of all skin colors, that think differently. Why would a person walk up to me and ask if I’m a “WHITE” Dude? Why would I walk up to someone of color and ask if they were “AFRICAN AMERICAN? Or just African.

The problem is that for a couple of hundred years, “White” man, thought the “Black” man was less than human, certainly not equal. So began the name calling.

Use your imagination, because I am NOT going to dignify the bullshit names and titles we all have been calling each other. But to just finish by saying, as stupid as asking an LGBT person if they are gay or not, asking what color a person is……………is just as fucking stupid. Be kind to others, ALL OTHERS, and abide.

If you are a loving, unselfish person, here’s my card

If you are NOT a Moon Crater, here’s my card

Sitting on your porch, you have one of the best views in the park! It’s a great view, day or night.  Walking distance to pool. 1,000 square foot, 2 bedroom 2 bath home, furnished, in a gated private community in Peoria, northwest side of Phoenix, Lovely grounds, very large well maintained pool w/spa, a gym, meeting room, library, game room with pool table. Conveniently located right off the freeway (101). Twenty minutes to Downtown Phoenix, Twenty minutes to Scottsdale. I am hoping to find a person or persons to rent this through the Winter season here in Arizona. Available mid-October. Looking to rent through March, maybe longer. This place is a mobile home, but double wide. Perfect for two couples. 53″ TV is free to use, Direct TV is included in the monthly rent. My home has High Speed Satellite Internet, and is also available and included in the monthly rent. We have a very nice outdoor, all stainless steel “Barbie”. Daily rent is $84.00 per night based on 30 day minimum, $75.00 based on 2 month minimum, and $70.00 per night based on 3 month minimum. All rent prices are based on payment in full prior upon booking. Anything over three months subject to negotiation. Cleaning Deposit is $400.00

This is mucho less expensive than staying in a hotel or motel, and possibly a little lower cost per night than a Townhome or Condo. With better resort style amenities.

Thanks for allowing my brief advertisement. Since my blog readership is literally in about 30 countries, it just made good sense to insert my ad again.