Love not hate! “Try a little kindness”

I have noticed that some of my Facebook friends, especially those that I have known for many years, some even close relatives, have different political, philosophical, and religious views than I have. Trust me, it’s okay.

I believe everyone has the right to express their opinions and beliefs. I also believe that it’s okay NOT to agree with MY opinions and beliefs. It’s okay if you think I am wrong about ANY issue, as long as I am allowed to think that some of you might be less than intelligent about any opinions or beliefs that YOU may have.

Just as you may have strong feelings about ANY subject, I should be allowed to think that some of what I read on Facebook is pure bullshit, even Idiocy. Look in a mirror. Take an “Idiot” test, you might find out that you really are an idiot.

If you react to my posts or comments with even a slight bit of anger, you just might be an idiot. That’s okay, don’t worry, even if I do think you ARE an idiot, I still love you, and I still care about you. Relax, abide, feel and exude good karma, not bad karma. Peace and kindness, love and forgiveness to all. I love you!

Success should not be measured in financial terms. What you have or dream to have is not success. What you dream to achieve is a goal, once reached, can be realized as success only if you are willing to give it all away to help others. Ask Warren Buffet, or Bill & Melinda Gates, who have decided to give away most of their “Success” to charitable causes.

Compare anyone like them to that single mom, raising her three children, AND at the same time, has dedicated part of her life to volunteering at a local homeless shelter. She’s a success as well. So is the nurse that volunteers and goes to third world countries to help eradicate deadly diseases.





So is the 83 year old gentleman who gives of himself to help other veterans at his local VA hospital.

Try practicing kindness and selflessness. Then look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am successful. I am a kind and giving person, therefore I AM successful”. I have learned, yes, it can be taught and life itself is my professor, that we can be successful no matter what our position in life is.

I don’t care how rich you may be, or how successful YOU think you might be, you are not and cannot be a success if you are selfish, angry, bigoted, racist, homophobic, or any other dozens of adjectives you wish to insert in the sentence.

So, ask yourself the question today, how do YOU define Success?  Financially, I am not rich by any means, but I do look at myself as being a successful person. Not because of what I own, but because of my heart, and how I treat others in a kind and loving way. Even those that have different opinions, views and philosophical differences than I.

It’s wonderful to be a kind and giving person. It’s not so wonderful if you harbor hatred and negative karma. It’s like that old song, “Try a little kindness” by Glen Campbell.

I’m not talking about handing that dude some loose change as you are stopped at a red light. That dude might spend it on booze or drugs. Do try giving that person food. They may react differently than if you had given them some change from your center console. Carry around bottled water in your vehicle as well.

In closing, look in the mirror. What do you see? Write back and tell me what made you successful this particular day. If someone you know threatens to “Unfriend” you, tell them to look in the mirror.

Quote for the day: “Intelligence, or lack thereof, and Common Sense, have absolutely nothing in common – T. C. Saxe


Joke for the day: A Rabbi, a Catholic Priest, a Buddhist Priest, an Evangelical Televangelist and an Atheist are all having drinks at a Tittie bar, I know I know………Their weekly meeting to discuss what really are, “The Wages of Sin”. In walks a Transvestite Jesus wearing a tattered old bowling shirt. Did I mention he walked thru a wall?  In unison, the Catholic Priest, the Buddhist Priest, the local Butcher, the Muslim Amman and the Bar Tender, the Rabbi, a Hells Angel Biker Dude, the Atheist and a Lutheran Minister say, “Holy Shit! We’re Fucked!”.  The dude wearing a Dudeism T-shirt sitting at the back of the bar says, “Wow man, it’s Jesus! How abide is that? Come on in dude, I hope you brought you’re bowling ball with you! Hey Joe, give Jesus a Virgin Mary!”.