First of all, I do want to share my thoughts and opinions on the historic 2016 Presidential election, as well as set the stage for the creation of a new “Major” political party here in the good old USA.  So after my brief congratulatory blah blah blah, I will get right in to the nitty gritty, the platform of the FUTURIST PARTY OF AMERICA at

Although I might be considered to be a far, far left leaning person who does not agree with many of the thoughts and principals of the right and far right, i.e., and Republicans, I AM a patriotic American, and a citizen of this great country of ours, so I join with most of the population in saying, “Congratulations to our next President, Mr. Donald J. Trump, Sr.”. The people have voted, AND spoken in spite of the fact that this was the most vicious, hatred filled election in modern history. I also believe that the Electoral College is outdated, and should be abolished in favor of POPULAR VOTE totals, which Hillary won.

Having gotten that bit of tearful, emotional crap out of the way, I also must share the following thoughts and conclusions, with a primary focus on what my platform is going to be as the founder of the………..Wait for it……….FUTURIST PARTY.

Main thought for the day, if you were on the opposite side of the fence politically from the gun-toting rednecks, get over it. Buy a gun (just kidding, sort of). You may or may not need it, and at least you know that a President Trump ain’t going to take your gun rights away any time soon. Think about it.

Thought number two, unlike many of the Democrats, other left-wing, and far left wing, and others, some of whom are physically out there protesting at this moment, I wish President-elect Trump the best and all the “Good Karma’ I can muster. Many of the news professionals (white AND black) are saying the same thing, that our country is still so much divided along racial lines. I say, get over it, and help me build the FUTURIST PARTY.

One thing that the news pundits and this election proves, is that our country is still divided along soooooo many factions, RACE and Religious Right versus Religious Left being the top of the list. Last time I checked, correct me if I’m wrong, Hillary got slightly more of the popular vote. That alone shows how divided our society, cultures, and belief (religious) systems are. I can imagine that there were life-long conservative Republicans, and I’m speaking of the older folk, that would have voted for Hitler if he were the Republican candidate today.

Of course part of it was that the Democrats just fucked up when they chose Hillary instead of Bernie. Clinton just had too much baggage, like I said, a lot of Republicans would have voted for Adolf Hitler, or Moses Sithole (goggle that one folks) for heavens sake. Says a lot about our society, and just how despised Hillary really was, hahahaha.

Here’s an old slogan for you, that will probably be used again, “United we stand, divided we fall”. I still say that this is all part of our evolution as a species. What people have to overcome is the fear, loathing, anger, disappointment and bitterness and talk the “Good Karma” talk, like I have been talking about for a long time.

Some would think that I am a left or even far-left thinking dude. In truth, I also have right and far-right views on some issues also. I believe government, Federal, State and local, should be much smaller, and not as involved in certain aspects of our lives.

Term limits, yes. Representation “For the people, by the people, of the people” a big YES. So, I propose right now, and create my own 3rd party. From now on, my party affiliation is hereby officially, the FUTURIST PARTY OF AMERICA, (FPOA). Join me in creating a new party and voice for ALL humans.

Examples: I believe that when it comes to freedom and inalienable rights, that should be a Federal issue and mandate, not state or local government, according to, and abiding with, the Constitution of the United States. What this means, is that there ARE rights that cannot be taken away from the people, or given away.

The right to “Bear Arms”, own a gun, that should remain a Federal Government issued. However, the gun laws SHOULD be written in such a way as to help prevent the insanity of gun violence today. Yes, I’m a left-leaning, life time member of the NRA, and I sincerely believe and hope for new laws, and changes to our existing laws, that will prevent Looney Tunes from getting anywhere near a gun. I might add, we have crazies on both sides of the political fence. I wonder if Hillary would have won Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan had the Clinton Foundation made an enormous contribution to the NRA, (hahahahaha).

The right to “Free Speech” and to peacefully assemble. That also should be a Federally mandated and regulated issue, according to, and abiding with, the Constitution of the United States.

Freedom of the Press. Definitely Federal.

ANY law, rule of law that has an impact on any constitutional mandates that effect racism in this country should by all means, be Federal, and kept out of the hands of the state and local governments, “All men are created equal” wither you believe in the creation myth, or the “we were planted here by aliens from another planet” theory.

Speed limits on our streets and highways? State and Local Governments obviously.

Any so called “Right to Life” legislation and regulations should be Federal, and part of that, is keep RELIGION and GOVERNMENT separate.
Anything that has to do with Immigration? Strictly Federal. Building the “Great Wall of the Americas”, really folks? Absolute insanity in our lifetime. Think about it. When it’s all said and done, we are still going to need SOMEONE, to pick our fruits and vegetables.

Anything that has a positive influence on creating and maintaining jobs in our country? Federal, State, and Local………Everybody, and I do mean, EVERYBODY including the private sector (and industry) should take part in this very important endeavor.

Anything that has to do with our environment or destruction thereof, should be Federal. Which includes decisions on developing or preventing, as an example, a fucking oil pipeline that intends to cross sacred lands the indigenous people’s of America have always had a right to, in spite of the terrible treaties our ancestors wrote (whites) and signed.

How about laws and regulations on how our tax dollars are spent? I for one, DO NOT agree with contributing to the fucking WAR machine in our country. Sure, we need to protect this great nation of ours, and someday soon, we might just have to defend our country, cities, and homes from a foreign invasion (not likely), but I am DEAD SET against waging war in a foreign nation for ALL the reasons we do now, including oil. I include a few images of dead Syrian children here.

Soon to be POTUS Trump! Spend those billions on our infrastructure (including potable, DRINKABLE water). Spend our tax dollars on Healthcare for ALL. Spend our tax dollars on education, if not totally free to all, at least a hell of a lot less expensive. Spend our tax dollars on renewable energy. I’m just starting folks, I’ll be adding to this list of items we could be spending our war machine money on. Stay tuned!



The theme of the FUTURIST PARTY?  To base our basic, political, and complex life decisions on “COMMON SENSE” with the belief and understanding that what we do now WILL greatly impact our species 50, 100, 300 years from now and beyond. Let’s add to common sense, love, not hate, equality, not inequality, justice instead of injustice, sanity not insanity, (I can add to this list for sure).

Our party represents not only those who are working to improve our lives and our planet today, but also speaks holistically for generations yet to be born. What we leave behind us is called legacy. Do we want our legacy to be known as the species that destroyed our environment? Do we want our legacy to be one of regret and failure, of despair instead of hope?

What we do now, what we do in the near future, i.e., what we invent and what we destroy, how we love, and how we hate, will be our legacy. What do we truly desire to leave behind for our grandchildren’s grandchildren? I vote for working together today, to provide a brighter future for tomorrow.

The FUTURIST PARTY OF AMERICA represents ALL people, regardless of their religion, ideology, color of their skin, or language spoken. Our party is opposed to ANY elements of Racism, Bigotry and Hatred.

Our party is generically opposed to WAR, any war, conflict or violence that destroys human life. We seek to convince people of all nations, that LOVE is greater than HATRED, that selfishness can be replaced with selflessness.

Our currency of choice is love. Love of others in general, love for our planet, our neighbors, love of our children AND, love for our future generations that come after we have turned to dust.

The wonderful thing is that it doesn’t matter what your existing political affiliation is, you can be a Republican a Democrat, an Independent, or ANYTHING really to agree with this party, and JOIN the FUTURIST PARTY OF AMERICA

What is a Futurist anyway?

Taken and edited from Wikipedia: Futurists or futurologists are scientists and social scientists whose specialty is futurology or the attempt to systematically explore predictions and possibilities about the future and how they can emerge from the present, whether that of human society in particular or as a life form on Earth in general.

I believe that the evolution of humankind, as a species, is involved as well, and that what we do now, AND tomorrow, WILL greatly impact our future, even hundreds of years from now.


Modern futurists

More generally, the label includes such disparate lay, professional, and academic groups as visionaries, foresight consultants, corporate strategists, policy analysts, cultural critics, planners, marketers, forecasters, prediction market developers, roadmappers, operations researchers, investment managers, actuaries, and other risk analyzers, and future-oriented individuals educated in every academic discipline, including anthropology, complexity studies, computer science, economics, engineering, Urban design, evolutionary biology, history, management, mathematics, philosophy, physical sciences, political science, psychology, sociology, systems

A survey of 108 futurists found the following shared assumptions:

We are in the midst of a historical transformation. Current times are not just part of normal history.

Multiple perspectives are at heart of futures studies, including unconventional thinking, internal critique, and cross-cultural comparison.

Consideration of alternatives. Futurists do not see themselves as value-free forecasters, but instead aware of multiple possibilities.

Participatory futures. Futurists generally see their role as liberating the future in each person, and creating enhanced public ownership of the future. This is true worldwide.[clarification needed]

Long-term policy transformation. While some are more policy-oriented than others, almost all believe that the work of futures studies is to shape public policy, so it consciously and explicitly takes into account the long term.

Part of the process of creating alternative futures and of influencing public (corporate, or international) policy is internal transformation. At international meetings, structural and individual factors are considered equally important.

Complexity. Futurists believe that a simple one-dimensional or single-discipline orientation is not satisfactory. Trans-disciplinary approaches that take complexity seriously are necessary. Systems thinking, particularly in its evolutionary dimension, is also crucial.

Futurists are motivated by change. They are not content merely to describe or forecast. They desire an active role in world transformation.

They are hopeful for a better future as a “strange attractor”.

Most believe they are pragmatists in this world, even as they imagine and work for another. Futurists have a long term perspective.

Sustainable futures, understood as making decisions that do not reduce future options, that include policies on nature, gender, and other accepted paradigms. This applies to corporate futurists and other non-governmental organizations. Environmental sustainability is reconciled with the technological, spiritual, and post-structural ideals. Sustainability is not a “back to nature” ideal, but rather inclusive of technology and culture.

This is a section I call……I PREDICT

It’s now 7:57 PM, November 10th, 2020 and Senator Elizabeth Warren is the newly elected, and FIRST FEMALE, President of the United States. As the very first nominee of the party that’s just four years old. A party that caught the attention, and captured the hearts of the American people like wild fire, the FUTURIST PARTY OF AMERICA.


Last but not least for now……NEEDS

1.  First thing we need to do is file the neccessary documents to establish a Non-Profit, tax exempt, corporation, so I need a like-minded individual that is licensed to practice law in Arizona, California, and Washington, D. C.

2.  File a new domain name. DONE

Finally have the website for the FUTURIST PARTY up and running


3. Create temporary email address. DONE


Congratulations POTUS Elect Donald J.Trump Sr., and the beginning of the “FUTURIST PARTY”