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This “Blog”was started in January 2016 because I thought I was going to die in surgery, which was scheduled and completed mid-February 2016.  I survived.  I not only survived, the surgery changed my life, in a positive way. Maybe my stroke in July 2015 had something to do with my concerns and attitude as well.  I never sat down to write before, as it was always thoughts and memories betrayed by the lack of desire to write, and without a methodology or manner in which to share my thoughts and opinions short stories, comedy, poetry and other items of interest.  


If you suffer from PTSD, depression or other mental afflictions, try writing. Write your thoughts, your experiences, your joy and your pain. Write about your own reaction to whatever you choose to write about. One of my subjects is Gun Control, or lack thereof. Another subject is what bad karma people do to the innocents of the world. I am against all war, and the military/industrial complex that has our life and death in their hands.

Just write. It has been very therapeutic for me. I invite all to write a post for submission here on my blog. Any subject. The point is to write and allow the process of writing to help you cope. Especially write if it pertains to battling PTSD and coping mechanisms. If you email your suggested post, I will try to set up a separate page for linking to your FB page., not sure how I’m going to structure that into my blog.

As you can see from my counter, I am well over 250,000 visits since I started this blog in January 2016. I assume some of my readership comes back more than once just to see what’s new. I enjoy writing, and I am pleased that you keep coming back to my blog.

See how much money the government is spending on “The War on Drugs” by clicking on the following link:









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For those of you that have enjoyed reading my posts and pages, and would like to make a small donation in support of my writing efforts and intentions, I have now set up a PayPal account for you to contribute $1 or so, or you can send some homemade Venison Jerky or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups , your donation is 100% tax deductible.


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